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CS Series 👩‍🚀 #5 : Performance Analysis Part 1: Intro 🔍

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  • Generally, the performance factors of a program
    • Code Algorithims
    • Languages + compilers
    • Processer (CPU) speed + Memory ⇒ how fast instruction will be executed
    • I/O and number of CPU cores
  • How we can determine the performance of an algorithm.
  • Or compare algorithms and determine which one is better ?
  • first, we need to determine what we mean of "better"

Experimental analysis

Algorithms performance

  • time complexity ⇒ the time it takes to execute
  • space complexity ⇒ the memory it needs to execute
  • We will focus on time complexity right now

There are 2 ways to compare the complexity of algorithims

  • Experimental analysis ⇒ compare the running time (benchmarking)
    • inputs ⇒ array or objects or any data
  • Theoretical analysis ⇒ analyze the algorithms independently of the implementation (software or hardware)

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