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I made an open source platform to learn Computer Science . Check it if you are interested in MERN stack

Learn to build any SaaS product through devKamet, an interactive platform to learn the essentials of Computer Science, Data Structures, Algorithms, and Operating Systems using Golang 👩‍🚀


This is for people who wants to learn more about:

  • Frontend architecture
  • Application server architecture
  • Modern codebase with current tech stack
  • How to connect to the server properly
  • How to re-use your UI very fast and efficiently
  • React Authorization, State management with reducer & context
  • JWT Authentication
  • medium to large codebase
  • How to create in browser IDE to code in almost any language
  • And so much more! The work is still in-progress , I open source it to see if someone will find it useful and learn more from the codebase and the whole repo ✨ Check the Github repo

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mukuljainx profile image
Mukul Jain

It looks awesome, I would suggest you to host it somewhere, you can host everything on heroku, run your UI from the backend server itself or host UI on other platform like Netlify and point it to your server (heroku)! or at any paid solution, a domain will be a plus.

Keep it open sourced it might become a crowd sourced platform for learning, ther are many but everyone is unique in its own way!

ajrom profile image
A.J. Romaniello

Looks amazing, you could even host it for free on github pages and link it to a heroku backend (also free for public repositories)! Love to see resources like this being made by the open-source community. Cheers!

alotaibidev profile image

Thanks guys! Before releasing it I was using mainly AWS, but I shut down the S3 bucket and the compute nodes as well. I've used free compute solutions before such as Heroku, Vercel, and Netlify . I was amazed by the feedback, I'm just having a vacation away from code these days. If the repo grows a little bit more, I will see what I can do in the future. Thanks again.

houdinii profile image
Brian B.

This looks very interesting. Gonna play with it right now, tbh. One quick word of advice. As this is for beginners who might not know the super basics, your installation instructions are missing a few directions at the very beginning. It might help others if you add a couple of steps detailing how to get the package from the GitHub repo itself as there is a chance that a lot of the people seeing it are also seeing GitHub for the first time.

Here is GitHubs doc page for cloning. It would probably be easy to just pull from there and include a link:

And this is a link to GitHub Guides, where a bunch of basic tutorials can be found which would be great for the beginners too:

kokaneka profile image
kapeel kokane

Looks great! How many days did it take you to build this?

alotaibidev profile image

I'm not sure but it was around 45 days.

shreya profile image
Shreya Purohit

Amazing work, Abdul!

alotaibidev profile image

Thanks Shreya ♥

fachreza73 profile image
Fachreza Muslim

could you tell me how to create the code runner?