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Getting started with Mpesa Developer Portal

How to get started with Mpesa Developer Portal(as a dev)

Steps to Signup as a developer

  1. Goto to

  2. Add First and Last name

  3. Add Login Credentials including email, username, password, accept the terms and conditions.

  4. Check your email for a new mail, if you can't see it check in the spam folder

    Screenshot at 2020-10-17 22-31-24.png

  5. Login using your username and password,

  6. Using authenticator service like Google authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator , add the secret to the service and you will be provided with a 6 digit number, use that to finalize the login process.

  7. Upon successful login you will be redirected to a Getting Started page in the portal.

What can you do in the portal?

The M-Pesa Developer Portal allows developers the following functions:

  • Application Management - View, edit and create new integration services through applications by selecting products, defining their scope, and setting limits.
  • Rapid Integration - Develop interfaces quickly by following detailed API documentation, examples, and library codes.
  • Sandbox Testing - Secure and isolated testing environment to test interfaces and confirm responses through pre-determined scenarios.
  • Developer and Organisation Linking – Connect with organizations and build new applications to integrate with Mobile Money.
  • Push for Review Workflow – Initiate a seamless workflow to hand over integration configuration to linked organizations for testing and go-live
  • Integrated Support Forum - Get help from experts in the field on various topics
  • Dedicated Business Processes - Understand the flow of interfaces/interactions to build better products and inspire future integration services

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