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HOW TO: Create a microservice MVC application in 5 steps with alphie.io

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Getting started is always the hard part, in fact, knowing where to start can stop people in their tracks.

To help you out, we have 5 steps to creating your first microservice MVC application which you can edit as a template, scale as required and extend with other services.

Step 1: Login or register

Go to https://platform.alphie.io

Step 2: Create new service

With alphie, you can select from pre-defined templates structures to help you get going quickly. Select "build from template" on the side menu then choose "c# MVC Web Application". Give it a name like "webportal" and click build

Step 3: Create an environment

You are going to need somewhere to launch your new service once it is built. Select "add & manage" under the environments menu.

Give your environment a name and slug or URL you want it to run under. Alphie runs a standard approach of {service_name}-{environment}-{username}.alphie.io for every service so that all services are unique.

Don't forget to click "save".

Step 4: Launch

Now, go to "launch business function" under the services menu, select your new service from the drop down and your environment. Go ahead and click "launch".

Step 5: Test & Manage

Now that the service is up and running its time to test and manage. Click on the "manage" item under the services menu. Here you can see the unique URL of your service. Go ahead and click it, this should open a new window and hay presto a nice new MVC web application.

From here you can start editing the code under "source code". This will give you the login details and URL for your unique GIT instance. As soon as you edit your code and commit, Alphie will recompile and create a new version which you can launch when ready.

Now go get them!

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