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Developer mindset kicking in during daily activities

Today I experienced a moment when I became totally aware of that my developer mindset (or instincts) are constantly kicking in during daily activities and wanted to share with you, as I bet it happens to you a lot too.

I wanted to listen to a song and asked Alexa to play it for me; but she could not able to find the sing as its name is an altered English word. So I thought I could make her play the whole album and skip songs until the one I wanted to listen, however the song is the last song of a record with 13 tracks! I was at a point where I had to ask Alexa to skip songs for 12 times which is a nightmare for me.

That moment my developer mindset kicked in and I figured out there is a possibility that I could reach that target song sooner if I asked Alexa to shuffle the album. So, I was listening to that awesome song just after 5 skips. I felt like I was coding without a keyboard and figured out that I've been doing the same thing during several other occasions and had the same feeling.

I'd love to hear in what ways other developers having the same feeling in their daily lives.

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