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Gradient Texts with Tailwind CSS

Gradients are great. Right?
And when it comes to Tailwind CSS it's also great. Right!

So lets make a nice gradient header with Tailwind 🎯

At the example below, I made a simple <h1> with Tailwind codes only.

Please open the pen in full mode or just click here to see it larger (for desktops).

Lets Breat It Down

max-w-screen-md πŸ‘‰ width of the h1
mt-8 πŸ‘‰ margin-top: 2rem
mx-auto πŸ‘‰ margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto to center the h1
text-center πŸ‘‰ text-align: center
text-7xl πŸ‘‰ font-size: 4.5rem
font-bold πŸ‘‰ font-weight: bold
bg-clip-text πŸ‘‰ crop the element’s background to match the shape of the text
text-transparent πŸ‘‰ making text transparent to clip-text work on gradient
bg-gradient-to-r πŸ‘‰ the gradient from left to right
from-orange-600 πŸ‘‰ starting color
to-purple-600 πŸ‘‰ end color

I πŸ’™ Tailwind CSS

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