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CSS Woman

This CSS drawing was done only using polygons in clip-path, which combined with a relative-sized container (with vmin) makes it responsive.

I used illustration software to modify the original image, made the colors brighter, and drew the paths one by one. Then translated those paths to CSS clip-paths... and voilà:

Inspired by Woman wearing black crew-neck shirt by Aiony Haust on Unsplash.

The image is not exactly the same as the original, and some details were lost during the process changing the expression almost completely, but the result looks nice... or at least, I like it 😊

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Yeah, you are right. It doesn't look like the original image😁But I guess thats not important here. I have always thought of CSS to be a mechanism to style or position html. But it amazes me how we can create art from it. Add a pinch of hover and transforms and you get pure magic.

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Habdul Hazeez

This is interesting!

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Seonyoung Chloe (she/they)


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Ashish Khare😎

Insane level of css. Dope bruv!