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How to make Windows Terminal look like oh-my-zsh

One of the joys of working in a Linux environment is its superior terminal experience. With the wide selection of themes available in the oh-my-zsh plugin for the zsh shell -- and likewise for oh-my-bash for the bash shell, using the terminal in Linux can be a delightful aesthetic pleasure.

Hence switching from a Linux to a Windows environment had always come with a sense of disappointment. So it was with great surprise when I learned that it was now possible to configure Windows Terminal to look like oh-my-zsh. The instructions can be found here. And if you implement these steps in Windows Terminal 1.5, hyperlinks -- which previously had to be copied and pasted into the browser -- now become clickable:

Alt Text

The instructions include the installation of a Powerline font like Cascadia Code. The added benefit is that, once installed, you can use the same font in your favorite code editor like Visual Studio Code, which can enhance your developer experience.

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