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It's quick introduction to the famous python web framework Django. I hope you’re are familiar with python .

Go to your command prompt. Install django with with this command.

pip install django

This will install django in your system.

Make a folder anywhere you want. In the command prompt, use cd(change directory) command to navigate to that newly created folder.
Once you are in that folder type the following command ,

django-admin startproject mysite

This command will start a project named “mysite”. You will see a new directory/folder named “mysite” in your directory.
Click on that you will see another mysite directory and a manage.py python file. That mysite directory is your main app(in django every independent feature is a app. Django projects are made of different apps. More about that later) or you can say that’s the entry point to your website.

Django comes with a lightweight server and sqlite database. Now make sure you are in the same folder as your “manage.py” file in your terminal and you can just type the following command and run the server.

python manage.py runserver

Your Terminal will show you a success message. To see if your server is really running go to that link
And you will see that webpage which is built in with django.



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go on you really teaching well...i gonna get you taking the next step