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How to use particles.js

What is particles.js?
As is evident from the name, it is a JavaScript library that can help you create particle systems. Moreover, it is lightweight, easy to use, and gives you a lot of control.

⭐ Create a folder :

  1. Inside the folder create an index.html file.

  2. Inside this HTML file create a div with the id of particles-js.


  1. Search partilces.js on your web browser.

  2. Visit the official GitHub repo of the particles.js

  3. Download these files from the repo or clone the repo.
    👉 paricles.js
    👉 app.js
    👉 particles.json

  4. Create a CSS file styles.css

  5. Add this CSS :


  1. Link these style sheets and scripts into index.html (The sequence of the script files should be the same). 👉 style.css 👉 particles.js 👉 app.js links
  2. Run index file (open index file on the browser).

  3. If still not working properly then watch this

Thank you 💖

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Matteo Bruni
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Aman Singh

it's great
thanks for sharing