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Top 10 YouTube Shorts Video Ideas in 2021

Top 10 YouTube Shorts Video Ideas in 2021 – If you are following the news then you know that in some countries like the USA, India, YouTube has launched an option on the YouTube app where people can upload short videos.

If you are not in India or the USA then you can still upload a short video up to 60 seconds but make sure to use the hashtag short of your YouTube video title or description to help the YouTube system and recommend your shorts videos across YouTube.

Top 10 YouTube Shorts Video Ideas in 2021

Those of you who are not sure about where to start from and what types of video would you make the not to worry, today in this article I am going to share with you, Ten YouTube Shorts videos ideas. Excited? Let’s get started.

1. Quick Hacks

We all servitude of time no matter what we do we can not stop time. We are in a busy world where we all like to do things as faster as could possible if can share interesting hacks that can be related to any topics that you are interested in or it can be trending topic that’s going on around the world and show same of tricks that viewers can follow which will save their time.

This could also be sharing a piece of knowledge but more on the tutorial way instead of just speaking from of the camera.

2. Myth Busting

This is where you take a commonly held belief about your niche or your industry and you bust it an excellent example of, this would be if you’re doing something in more of the lifestyle or the organization's niches there are a lot of life hacks where they show hey if you do this, little cheap little thing it will make your life so much easier.

If you could test those things and myth bust does this work does this not work within a 60 second short, people would eat that up next one amazing fact.

3. Amazing Facts

The whole idea of ridleys believe it or not is built on this idea or the Guinness world records, you can use an example here of did you know that if you apply this certain leather conditioner to the seats in your car then they will actually last twice as long and show, make sure give some proof before and after.

Not only that you can make any different types of facts videos, that you are interested in, do research on the internet, read books on that topic and tell those facts in shirt single video.

4. Story Time

This one I’m a little bit curious about because I haven’t seen this done so much but my thought here is this could be very good and that is storytime if you were to take 60 seconds and tell a compelling story it could actually even be an emotional story or an outrageous story or a humorous story, but if you took 60 seconds to say.

Hey this happened to focus on only the key points and say this happened then this happened, then this is how I got out, this is where I am today or this is how they got out and this is where they, even you can read a storybook and tell the key points of that story or share what you have learned from reading that book or doing a particular thing.

5. Pure Entertainment

When I say pure entertainment, I mean creating videos that have only entertainment purposes, for example, you can make videos on what happened when your dog sow snow, or it playing outside taking videos for the only entertainment part and upload on YouTube shorts.

6. Micro Reviews

You have seen a lot of long YouTube reviews videos that’s can be any sort of products, foods, and other things. The micro review will be the short review of something that you have been using or you have bought something new. For example, if you want a restaurant now in 15 seconds you can explain the key difference or best thing about the previous restaurant you have wanted.

7. Experiments

This one would do very well if for example you had a baking channel and you wanted to do experiments things that you make for example, what happens when I add a cup of baking soda to this cake recipe and you show here’s the experiment here’s the results.

This would be so good if you were able to pull in ideas like that for whatever your subject is and look at it and ask yourself the question what would happen if I do this, or if I try this, and overall this will be interesting as well.

8. Comparing

If you are bought something new or if you want to compare your favorite football players vs your friends' favorite football player then you can simply do that just by adding some text animation, also if you are playing games with your family, friends then you can compare which is better at gaming and make short entertainment types of videos.

You can apply this comparison in many different subjects depending on how you make the video. Hope you understood everything till now in this article “ Top 10 YouTube Shorts Video Ideas in 2021“.

9. Recycled Content

If you have already YouTube channel, where you have lost videos, now you can take the best part of those videos or just take the most interesting part from a single video and re-edit and upload it on YouTube.

Please note do not copy other videos, if you are copying other videos then you are breaking YouTube policy, godliness, only use this trick on your own video and only when you don’t have any videos making ideas try not to use your own videos as well, lastly, remember to re-edit don’t just copy and paste the best of from your video.

10. What’s inside the video

If you are following YouTube for a long time then you have might be seen a lot of people creating what’s inside videos, for example, what’s inside expensive football, what’s inside this build, what’s inside my tech backpack, what’s inside my school backpack and other interesting videos that answer the question what is inside of something.


Hope this article “ Top 10 YouTube Shorts Video Ideas in 2021” was helpful for you and give you some ideas for making YouTube short videos.

If you have any other making any different unique types of video or if you have any other YouTube shorts videos making suggestions, please don’t forget to share with us in the comments section below.

Top 10 YouTube Shorts Video Ideas in 2021


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