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amanda hernandez
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What is your "waiting to load" noise/response?

Of course this only happens when we're demo-ing. We're walking through our demo and at any point something is taking a while to load, maybe more than we expected. So we fill in the silence with a "doo doo do..." or a "just give it a sec..".

What's your go-to response during this short (long?) period of time? Or how else do you navigate unexpected lag time/error during a demo?

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Vitor Paladini

If the demo is somewhat casual I fill in the blanks with "Aaany moment now..."

However, if it is anything more serious a "let's give it some time to work" followed by "we're working on optimizations" does the job, haha.

Now, if something straight up does not work as intended I bring it to notice and make sure to fix it before the next demo/meeting. People are much more forgiving when you own the error and don't try to hide it.