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Building an analytics API

Looking for collaborators

So, a bit about me before I dive into the title and what I plan to make.
I've been working as a Software Engineer for 3 years now. Initially I was working primarily with backend systems and fullstack engineering projects. But I always had a knack to learn about distributed systems and how they work to manage this big data that we read everywhere about these days. So, I started my journey for a career transition and became a fulltime Data Engineer. This gave me an advantage as I now had a broader domain to contribute to in the projects that I'm working in.

Recently, I've been very fascinated with the advancements in the field of analytics and how important they are to any business in driving decisions. So, I searched a few articles over the internet and came across this term "Analytics API", and while I still don't know much about the subject, it seems like a good place to start as an opensource and fun side project.

The tech stack I'm hoping to use include but not limited to:

  • Golang
  • GraphQL
  • A visualization tool to show results

The vision for the project that I have can be something like this:

  • Identify the existing analytics api solutions and understand how they work.
  • Based on the research, come up with an MVP which includes usage of GraphQL and can be standardized in connecting with different type of data sources.
  • Develop a MVP and try integrating it with a visualization tool (opensource preferred)

If you're someone who's interested in starting a side project, based on data engineering or just analytics, Feel free to reach out to me, here or at LinkedIn.

My github can be found here, although I haven't been very active lately.

I think a project of this size can be done by 2-3 people at max. Irrespective of the contributors, I will definitely get started with it within a week or so, and I'll keep on sharing updates on what I've made.

I wish you a great day ahead anyway :)
And, Happy Learning

P-e-a-c-e :)

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