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Week -4 Step in React

Hello, Community Today is week -4 of learning. You can visit my previous blogs Blog1 Blog2 Blog3.

In this week I learned about props it stands for property which is used for passing the value from one component to the other component. Props value cannot be changed, the value remains the same, unlike the state which can be updated!!!

Functional component: There are 2 ways through which we can define a component in react One is class-based another one is functional as reactjs is moving toward functional programming it is better to define the functional component.

Creating Multiple Components: How to create the component, how to structure the code in the react and passing the props in the multiple and understand how to make the code reusable by passing the data from one file using in the other file. Learned About ES6 Concept of arrow function, let and const, how to do destructuring.

By using all these concepts I have made two projects one is Stopwatch and the other is a portfolio website. In the Stopwatch, i have made the hours minute seconds timer and add the three buttons for stop reset and start and using the concept of javascript setInterval and clearInterval.
Used the react hooks useState for managing the state inside the component.
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Portfolio in this project I have understood the react-router how to link and navigate between the pages. Difference between a href and Link and also exact keyword. In this, I have passed the data through the profiledata.js import the component in home and define and map where the data needed. It helps in understanding code reusability.
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Learning from peers is very great. It makes learning fast as well helps to understand things easily. Thanks, Frontend Community Deepak and Sagar for providing me this opportunity.

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