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Week 1 Documenting The Learning Journey!!!

Hello Everyone I am Frontend Developer and learner. I have started learning the MERN Tech-Stack for starting. This is my first blog in this platform. I have never thought of documenting by journey but Deepak sir has motivated me to do so.
Recently I have been selected for a mentorship from the Deepak Sir. Documenting the learning can be the best as it helps to recall the journey.
Day 1: I have learnt from the Git GitHub basis and learnt the command. GitHub is best when it comes on working on the teams.
Day 2: I have revised the concept of HTML from the and learnt about its basic.
Day 3: I have learnt about the CSS and learnt the concept of the flexbox and grid from that.
Day 4: From the learning of three days I have created my portfolio website in HTML CSS and deploy it in on GitHub
URL: -
Day 5: I have learnt about the concept of the JavaScript from and learnt about the ES6 Concept
Day 6,7: Learnt about the Jest testing tool and solved the practice question in the JavaScript

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Jagrat Katara

Talking about day6,7, can you please tell/suggest learning resources for the same.