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Get Live with Hacking 101 — Pilot

Get Live with Hacking 101 — Pilot

Have you ever dreamt of sitting in a dark room wearing a hoodie? A room where you can only see laptops, PCs and bigger screens with red and green lights surrounding you. Yes! cutting the lost story short, have you ever thought of being a hacker? If your answer is YES! Then this coming thread is for you.

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Hello reader, I’m Amber Mishra and I’ll be taking you on a roller coaster ride where the hacking concepts won’t be a dream for you anymore. I’ll be introducing you to the concepts of Vulnerable Assessments and Penetration testing.

This thread will be well-curated from the basics to everything that you want to know for the same. So, this is going to be a journey that will take you from being a noob to a chieftain in the domain.

Source: Incognito Forensics

I’ll be covering the following topics in this:

1) Footprinting and Reconnaissance

2)Scanning and Enumeration

3)Vulnerability Analysis

4)Malware Threats

5)Sniffing and Social Engineering


7)Session Hijacking

8)Bypassing IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots

9)Hacking Web servers

10) Hacking Web Applications

11)SQL Injections

12)Hacking Wireless Networks

13)Hacking Mobile Platforms

14)IoT hacking

15)Cloud Computing


Before starting with these topics I would also like to introduce you to the basic concepts of Networking, and terms that will be handy for you to go through the coming up threads. If you want me to address something more, feel free to mention it in the comments sections.

Starting with — Setting up Kali, MAC Spoofing, IP spoofing

PS- These threads will be just for the awareness and I don’t take responsibility for any of the stale use of it. I do not promote any wrong use of it.

-Amber Mishra

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