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Ameed Jamous
Ameed Jamous

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Am about to Open Source this project - Encourage me!

Let me know if I should speed up releasing the source code?

(Source Code Coming Soon to this public Github Repo)

Github URL:

IOS and Android OTT App (Chat, Voice, Video) supports one on one and one to many.


The approuch here is to open source the Apps and Web services side of things and integrate with as many different CPaaS providers as possible (e.g. Twilio, Sinch, Restcomm, Etc..) i think there is no value today of building another SIP/WebRTC backend, we want to give a head start to developers that need a working IOS, Android app for group and one to one messaging, conferencing, and voice calling.

Live Demo on App Store:

Tested on over 32k Live Users:

alt text

XCode view:
alt text


  • Ready to use your Twilio Account SID - Token for sending OTPs
  • Can easily switch signup OTPs to your own HTTP API.

Video Calls:

  • Twilio Programmable Video Dependant (Up to 4 people at the same time currently supported)
  • Possible to use another SDK for initiating videos

Audio Calls

  • Up to 10 participents at the same time
  • Twilio support already built in for Audio, Possible to switch to another SDK


  • Unlimited particpents support
  • Audio Voice Message support
  • Image Sharing support
  • Location Sharing Support
  • 1:1 , 1 to many

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

Why would you open source? Need bug fixes and PR? Do you like being forked?

ameedjamous profile image
Ameed Jamous

The main reason is not enough time to work on it full time and maintain it in addition to other reasons that make sense.