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Mohammed Ameen
Mohammed Ameen

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Do you really need Hostinger paid SSL & Cloudflare CDN services?

The quickest answer is no.....

You don't need to buy the paid CDN and SSL service of Hostinger. And the simplest answer is because the money you will pay is not actually for the service. It's just for how to do the service.

Cloudflare buying offer

after buying a shared hosting on Hostinger for my website I went to see the performance of the website on services like gt-metrix and page speed and things like that and actually I wanted to see how my website is performing on the internet and how fast it is I was shocked that my website is so much slower than the normal and mostly the reason was actually not using a cdn...

gt-metrix performance
now you might be asking if you are not a developer or a developer who hasn't reached the hosting steps and launch his first website, what is the meaning of a CDN? actually the CDN is a content delivery network. That means to provide fast delivery to the content of your website on the internet.

cdn meaning

so it means that some servers on the internet around the whole world actually serving your website and making it move fast and delivering the content by actually saving some cash of the images and all the files and scripts that you have. When the user tries to request it by https requests or something like that it actually appears so fast and without the need to download all over again.

CDN performance

By the way to make proof that it was a problem in the server not in the website script I tested the same files on gh-pages which is GitHub pages it's something for developers if you are a developer you already know GitHub pages and if you aren't then just check that on the internet and it will have an easy clarification. I found out that it was very very fast and it's faster than my paid premium plan on Hostinger. However, here's the magic happens...

Let me tell you now how to add the services of Cloudflare to your website on any host for free and that you don't need to pay for a CDN services. In this video, I'm going to show you that you can do that and without actually buying this so Please start the video in the 3:30 minute. As this is the start of the following steps from here.

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Dosa Nasyak

CDN is cool, but instead of Cloudflare, I advise you to take a closer look at G-core labs. If we compare the CDN, from my experience - G-core is much more relevant.

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Fedor Dvynatin • Edited

I tried their CDN for WordPress. Reduced bounce rate by 12 percent. And this is just a free CDN.

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Dosa Nasyak

YES YES YES YES! Their free CDN for WordPress is the best. There is also free protection, of course, free SSL. In short, a great replacement for CF.