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TL;DR Several; Mostly one.

Does that PC with removed GPU counts? What about that Raspberry PI. And the other one without an SD card (that I'll definitely use for that project I had in mind 5 years ago!) There's my PS3, Vita, and PS4. Technically the Samsung TV is a computer device. So is the Android TV dongle. Should I count the old Motorola with a cracked screen and the iPhone that doesn't charge anymore but one day might if I bother to change the battery? Or my Canon EOS with a custom ROM that can play mini games?

Related question: how many digital camera sensors (CCD or CMOS) do you have in your household?

I remember the day I got my first webcam. A digital camera! It could capture the picture (240p or so), and you didn't have to bring the film to the store and wait a day or two for them to print your pics (just so you can realize you didn't exactly match the camera settings with the film ISO so they all ended up too dark, but that's another story.)

Now your phone has at least 3 cameras.

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