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Is technology our friend?

'Technology' is the technical extension of human mind. And human mind is the governor of the world. All the advancement in this world is because of the creativity and passion of humans which eventually lead to technology- driven world. Most of the things that surrounds us is part and parcel of technology; right from fridge to water heater, from fans to ACs, from cars to jets, from internet to AI, from TVs to the miniature gadget which seems to grab everyone's eyeballs viz. Smart phones, from social media to having our own personal assistant, etc are boons of technology.
This 21st century is regarded as one of the finest time to live for the mankind. It would never have had been possible to live such a lavish and comfortable life unless the technological revolution had come into play. Everything is just few fingertips away rather Ok Google or Alexa or Hey Siri away! 😝
So, technology is definitely proven to be our friend. Well not just a friend, but the best friend. Reducing physical distances, cultural differences, linguistic barriers, dearth of good quality education, etc are possible because of our beloved friend.
In the good olden days, sending a letter was taking few months, connecting to a call took few hours but due to rise of social media and the fast networking agencies, we can do everything in few seconds. Booking up the railway and flight tickets took an individual to spend almost half a day in queue but now, it is matter of half an hour with various online travel booking websites as well as government taking initiative to be a part of this new digital era. Traveling via bullock cart took days to reach from one city to another but now it's just a few hours away with your own Maruti or Honda or Mercedes or Bentley or … and the list goes on. Transferring money has become easier; digital wallets are the new trend and this helped globally to carry out transaction very efficiently and safely.
Zomato, Uber & Swiggy are new kitchens of our house. Order it on the go and enjoy the meal right at your place. Online shopping is the new shops to buy grocery, clothes, electronic gadgets, shoes,etc and bid goodbye to wandering in the crowded market for the perfect dress or pair of shoes. Education has also seen huge transformation due to technology; various online courses from top most universities are available for students. Also technology has given rise to new professions like YouTuber, Instagrammer, Influencers, etc. Also various technical jobs are booming up. Medical field has seen the advancement in the surgery, addition of new and effective medicines, discovery of antidotes, etc all due to technology. AI, ML and Data Science are the new heroes of our technical movie.
But it is well known fact that every coin has two sides. Due to too much addictive nature towards technology, it has led to empty grounds and gardens. Also there is whole virtual connection all around but rarely an authentic connection with each other. Nuclear weapons can lead to destruction of whole world. Growing illness and mental health issues have become a Gordian knot. With all the advancement in the field of technology, we are suffering the cost additional baggage which it brings for free. Although, technology is our friend but it may turn out to be our ghastly enemy.
But the power is always in the hands of the users. Technology is our greatest friend but if it isn't handled properly can be our enemy too!
As we look towards the brighter side of the life, we will always find the growth of the entire world is much faster and the world is truly becoming a better place to live in. Kudos to technology and its creators who are helping to make the unreal real and always let us wonder how surreal everything is!
Looking at the past and present scenario; I can surely bet that technology is our friend and hope that in near future it will always share same healthy relationship with the world.

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I agree that technology is our friend. It helps us to do things we need to deal with, ease our lives. As for me I downloaded not to worry about the personal life of my children. You know, they are young and other people may take advantage of them, so I dont think that spy on their cell phones is the worst idea. Im patient when I`m accessing their personal data and see that it is nothing to worry about