Free domain for testing

amlana24 profile image amlan ・1 min read

Can anyone tell me where can I get a free domain for my personal side projects?


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Finally went ahead with this option..


Nearly 2 years using their free service without problems.

Not the best TLDs around, but it's free.

Seems like it ..I just need it for like a month..


GitHub Pages it's a good option


You can go to sered.net and have a 2 month free hosting (up to 5 domain or a cheap 1 domain) and a great discount for a domain (or a free domain if it's cheap like 2$ domain)

Just type this discount code: "romutv" at shopping cart payment buttom


sered.net seems to be in a language which I dont know.


I just bought a domain and then use a lot of sub domains


vercel/now. They give you a domain name like your-project-name.now.sh. Also, netlify is a good option for static sites


You can use GitHub Pages. They’re free and a great way to host side projects.


Thanks..yes thats a good option.


github student developer pack


Wont work for me as I am not a student..but thanks for suggesting..