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Creating a Spotify Web Clone with ReactJS+Spotify WEB API.

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In this post i represent how i build a spotify clone web app using ReactJS+Redux using Spotify Web API...Read docs..


We cannot play audio of any song because this feature is not yet updated in spotify web api docs.

hence in this project user can view their spotify data in terms of application.

Actors of the Application:

Non-Premium Spotify Users:

* Check their latest played song
* Visit Spotify User profile.
* Check their saved & liked playlists.
* View which device playing current song in song player.
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Premium Spotify Users:
* The above 4 features of Non Premium Users is also same for the Premium users
in addition with this premium users can control player i.e user can play Next, Previous song, stop or resume the current played song, user can also control device volume by sliding the user control in player.

Github Repo:Repo

Please 🌟 the repo if you like.

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