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Create a Spotify Clone with Song Playing Feature.

In this post i describe you how i build a spotify clone using ReactJS,Redux and Spotify Web & Playback API.

Note:Only for Spotify Premium Users.and This is currently in development but you can view current build online by going.



  • User can view his/her profile
  • User can play track,album,playlist
  • User can control active device volume.
  • User can perform play,pause,next,previous song.
  • User can create playlist.

Bugs currently have

  • There some glitch in play and pause button when we play a song directly inside app.

  • You may encountered some problem in login to app due to spotify access_token stored in cookie basically this is happen because spotify provide an expiration time of access_token of 1 hour so after one hour that token expire but not deleted from cookies so to fix this you have to delete manually from the cookies if you are in Chrome You can visit dev option>application>cookies>url of website and here you find SPOTIFY_TOKEN just remove or delete and refresh the web page then try to login now this issue fixed.

Sorry but i cannot explain the whole project in this post but you can ping me on linkedin or directly on Dev community by sending a message.

Demo Video

sorry you may found some noise in demo video.

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📙~Only supports Spotify Premium Accounts.

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