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Meet NFTW - The NFT Marketplace

Overview of My Submission

The world is witnessing a decentralized revolution with the rapid rise in the adoption of blockchain technologies accross the globe. Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a great way to establish authenticity, ownership and economic value of any digital asset. I've been fascinated by crypto recently and knew I wanted to build something in this space as soon I saw the announcement.

NFTW is built on top of the Opensea API and allows users to browse and search through thousands of NFTs listed on the platform. Additionally, NFTW includes social features like liking and sharing so users can share their thoughts on any asset.

Link to the project

Submission Category:

E-Commerce Creation

Link to Code

Additional Resources / Info

Some highlights of the project:


nftw assets page

Thanks to DEV and MongoDB for making this event happen, it was amazing to see so many good projects. I Hope you like my submission, happy to answer any questions you might have :)

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Chriis Watson

NFT marketplace development can profit from being a vertical marketplace and not a horizontal one. If an nft marketplace development company focuses on offering certain services to a certain section of the population, it is going to bring better returns.

shivamdeshmukh21 profile image

Hey buddy, this project looks sweet!
There don't seem to be any smart contracts in the repo though. Would this project work if I cloned it as it is?

shivamdeshmukh21 profile image

And what dependencies would I have to install?

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Lucian I. Last

As it’s all written in JS probably half for npm