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How to install R and Rstudio in Linux (GNOME)

SO! you intrested in learning R but your Operating System is Linux moreso Ubuntu. Looks intimidating don't it? Just take a breath.
Let's get into it - I'll show you how to install R and Rstudio in you linux machine....
Just follow this simple steps and you ready to go.

Step 1
Open the terminal and run the following commands:

sudo apt update
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This command is used in Linux to update the package list from the configured repositories.

Step 2

Next step, Use this command in the Terminal:

sudo apt -y install r-base gdebi-core
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In this command we are installing R and gdebi.
Question: What is gdebi
Answer: so, In Ubuntu and other Linux distributions based on Debian, gdebi is a graphical tool for installing Debian packages. It provides a straightforward user interface for organizing and controlling software downloads on your computer. Gdebi makes managing software files on your Ubuntu system easy for users who prefer a graphical user interface over the command line. In this case gdebi will help us install Rstudio

I hope we are still together? Let move on with the Process.

Step 3
As of 23rd March 2023 - follow this link to download Rstudio:
Download the Ubuntu 18+/Debian 10+ with the .deb extension

Don't get tired, we almost there!!

Step 4
Go to the downloads folder and locate the Rstudio file. Select the file then copy the whole name of the download file and make sure you include also the .deb extension

Step 5
Open a terminal or just use the one that is open, Change directory to download folder then type this command

sudo gdebi
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with the name of the file that you copied then press enter and let the magic happen - should look like this screenshot

Final Step
Go to Application and Type Rstudio - Hope you can now see your install. Now you can add it to your Task tab or your Favourites.

Happy That you got to the last Step.

Happy Programming 😊.

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