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Ruby conferences to attend in 2020

Do you think Ruby is dying?
Meanwhile, Rubyists get the sold-out at more than 20 conferences around the world.

While looking for, I made a list of Ruby conferences you can attend in 2020. Here it is:

Birmingham On Rails

Date: January 31
Location: 🇺🇸USA, Birmingham, AL

Birmingham on Rails is a forward thinking Ruby on Rails conference with the purpose of building a network of software professionals and educating them on the latest developments and uses of the Rails platform.


Date: February 6-7
Location: 🇿🇦South Africa, Cape Town
Follow: @rubyfuza

Rubyfuza is the longest run Ruby conference in South Africa. 2020 will be the 9th event held in Cape Town This year we will be opening the conference up!

ParisRB Conf

Date: February 18-19
Location: 🇫🇷France, Paris
Follow: @parisrb

Meet fellow rubyists from around the world, and expand your Ruby horizons!

The year 2020 marks the 25th Anniversary of the first release of Ruby and we are lucky (and filled with gratitude) to welcome Ruby creator Yukihiro Matsumoto who will help us open ParisRB with a Keynote speech.

RubyConf AU

Date: February 20-21
Location: 🇦🇺Australia, Melbourne
Follow: @rubyconf_au

With a mixture of local and international speakers, there will be two day of talks. We'll cover topics that interest, excite, and delight Rubyists and the Ruby-curious of all levels. There will also be social events hosted where you will get the opportunity to meet like-minded people!


Date: March 20-22
Location: 🇵🇱Poland, Wroclaw
Follow: @wrocloverb

The main goal of the conference is to help Ruby professionals become better at what they do.

wroclove.rb serves best to people who are already fluent with Ruby. The ideas presented at our conference are very advanced. They are meant to inspire the way we write code, the way we help our clients and users. It’s not uncommon for us to present you ideas that come from the Java and .NET worlds, we believe that their ideas can have a great influence on our community. There are good 
reasons, why our conference is called “the best Java conference in the Ruby world”.

Date: March 21
Location: 🇧🇾Belarus, Minks
Follow: @ByRoR


During the conference, we want to focus on the topic of Engineering Happiness. What gets us satisfied with our work? What processes, tools, industry news make us happy? What does an engineer need to be happy? What tips and tricks do companies use to increase developers’ happiness? All in all, is happiness really so important?

If you have something to say on that subject, we are looking forward to your 40-minute presentation (Keynote, PPT or any other) with slides or a live coding session. The QA block will also take 20 minutes.


Date: April 2
Location: 🇮🇹Verona, Italy
Follow: @rubyday

RubyDay 2020 is the 8th edition of the Italian Ruby conference, organized by GrUSP, organizers of events like phpday and jsday. Event is international and all sessions will be in English.

The event’s goal is to allow all Rubyists to meet and share experience while having fun and networking in an enjoyable context.


Date: April 4
Location: 🇲🇩Moldova, Chișinău
Follow: @RubyMeditation

Being first of its kind in Moldova, Ruby Wine is intended to promote Ruby programming language among country and fortify existing Ruby community. It will bring together IT professionals for knowledge sharing and let them explore new insights of Ruby's possibilities. This event is a perfect mix of top-notch talks by talented Ruby developers and amazing Moldovan atmosphere.


Date: April 9-11
Location: 🇯🇵Japan, Matsumoto
Follow: @rubykaigi

RubyKaigi is an annual conference held in Japan for Ruby programmers that was held for the first time in 2006.


Date: April 18
Location: 🇧🇾Belarus, Minks
Follow: @RubyConfBY

The 6th large technological Ruby, Rails and related technologies conference. Leaders from Eastern+Western Europe and USA will gather to discuss technological aspects of development with Ruby.


Date: April 25-26
Location: 🇮🇳India, Goa
Follow: @rubyconfindia

RubyConf India is a global event complementing other RubyConf events across the world.

This year our event is a 2 day, single track event focused on Ruby Language, Framework and Tools.


Date: May 5-7
Location: 🇺🇸USA, Portland
Follow: @railsconf

RailsConf is the world’s largest gathering of Rails developers, brought together to further discussion and learning about building, managing, and testing Rails applications. With a specific focus on Rails, conference topics can range from new users to administration to advanced techniques.v


Date: May 15-26
Location: 🇧🇬Bulgaria, Sofia
Follow: @BalkanRuby

Balkan Ruby's aim is to bring world-class talks to the Balkan area and allow the local community to interact with the wider Ruby community from Europe and around the world.

Saint P Ruby Conf

Date: June 6-7
Location: 🇷🇺Russia, Saint Petersburg
Follow: @saintpruby

Ruby community based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. We do meetups, drinkups and conferences.

Ruby Unconf

Date: June 6-7
Location: 🇩🇪Germany, Hamburg
Follow: @RubyUnconfEU

What exactly is an Unconference? It is an Barcamp style event. It works like this: Everybody can propose a talk. Everybody votes for the talks they want to see. The most voted talks will be held. You decide what will happen!


Date: June? (is not know yet)
Location: 🇸🇬 Singapore
Follow: @reddotrubyconf

According to that tweet the conference will get back this year.


Date: July 3
Location: 🇬🇧UK, Brighton
Follow: @brightonruby

It’s a friendly, inclusive, single day, single track event for Rubyists and the Ruby-curious.

We’re nice. The speakers are ace.

RubyConf Kenya

Date: July 23-25
Location: 🇰🇪Kenia, Nairobi
Follow: @NairubyKE

Nairobi Ruby community driven conference.


Date: August 21-22
Location: 🇫🇮Finland, Helsinki
Follow: @euruko

Euruko is a Ruby conference organised annually, each year in a different European city. Join us in Helsinki, Finland on 21st–22nd August 2020 for two days of Ruby.


Date: unknown, end of August
Location: 🇵🇱Poland, Wroclaw
Follow: @grill_rb

GrillRB is Polish outdoor single-track community-driven conference fully dedicated to Ruby on Rails framework and Ruby language. During the two day event we are going to discuss the topics which are the most crucial for Ruby community, such as: best practices, development process and the future of Ruby. Come and exchange the knowledge and experience, talk over projects with other Rubyists in relaxing & enjoyable environment.


Date: September 12-13
Location: 🇺🇦Ukraine, Kyiv
Follow: @rubyc_eu

RubyC is a European conference devoted to Ruby, Rails and other related technologies.

Every year we invite hundreds of Ruby enthusiasts and developers from various programming groups to exchange knowledge, discuss the latest news, learn from one another, and generally have a wonderful time in Kyiv, Ukraine.


Date: unknown, end of September
Location: 🇷🇺Russia, Moscow
Follow: @railsclub_ru

The conference is devoted to all aspects of Ruby and Rails development. We are the largest Ruby focused pro conference in Russia.
Ruby Russia is a unique place where you can socialize with colleagues, receive and share experience, meet old friends and learn something new.

RubyConf Thailand

Date: October 16 — 17
Location: 🇹🇭Thailand, Bangkok
Follow: @rubyconfth

RubyConf TH is a community and volunteer-powered event. We also depend on the awesomeness of the whole Ruby community to contribute to a terrific experience. So help us to make it a success!


Date: November 18-20
Location: 🇺🇸USA, Nashville
Follow: @rubyconf

RubyConf is the world’s largest and longest-running gathering of Ruby enthusiasts, practitioners, and companies.

Please, let me know if I missed any event.

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Jeremi Anastaziak

Hi! You may find my tool interesting, check this out :)

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Dmitry Salahutdinov • Edited

Nice. I did not know about, so I had to make my own list with help of Google :)

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Victor Shepelev

There is also RubyC in Kyiv on Sep 12-13, it is pretty decent international conf.

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Dmitry Salahutdinov

Hey, Victor! Thanks, added.