My open source technical writing portfolio

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I published a video about my technical writing portfolio! In this video, I talk about how my publicly accessible GitHub profile serves as my technical writing portfolio and helps me demonstrate my tech writing skills, my collaborative skills, and my flexibility and proficiency with tech writing tools. Check it out!

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Hey, I think you should have a look at Google Season Of Docs :)


Yes! I am one of the mentors for Hydra Ecosystem's Season of Docs project :) And I found them on!


Oiiii!! That's great. I'll be trying as a student, any tips for me ma'am? 😃

Awesome! You can start by taking a look at our project ideas page:

The list is just a starting point - feel free to propose a project not listed here. I will be happy to help you brainstorm ideas as well.

Oh, and call me Amruta :)

Thank you for sharing the link, will surely go through it briefly. Also, do I need to compulsorily have past technical writing experience for participating?

I don't think so..but let me check with the Season of Docs organizers and get back to you.

Hey..the organizer said, "Tech writing experience is preferred, but the open source organization can choose any applicant that suits their needs."

I would be happy to help non-tech-writers contribute to the project, so feel free to send in a proposal!


Hi, can you give me more details about Season of Docs?

I might try to join an organization :)


I would love to know your strategy to select a project. Working on a video about choosing an open source project and would love your input :)

The strategy I use and the one I am recommending in the video is to ask myself the following questions:

  • What is my intention for contributing docs?
  • Am I the right fit for the project?
  • Does the team seem to value good docs?

Does this strategy sound reasonable?

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