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What do you prefer more: working in a Product Team or working for an Agency ?

During my career, I have worked with both within a product team and with an agency.

Here is a short comparison from what I have seen:

Agency Work:
Clients come to you with requirements and you and the team try to implement those.


  • You get to work on new projects and requirements, so you don't usually get bored
  • You get to try new stacks in projects


  • Deadlines can lead to compromises and hacks to just deliver the project
  • Can lead to work-life balance issues
  • Requirements are always changing which (might) lead to more hacks.

Product team:
The company has a product idea which is implemented and probably has paying users. Your job is to keep this product up and running. Plus add new features to keep those customers happy.


  • Having more time to invest in code quality and applying best practices
  • Having a long term vision about the product's roadmap
  • Less pressure and you have more time to experiment with features


  • Legacy code you have to maintain
  • You miss that lovely feeling of creating projects from scratch
  • It's hard to know what the customer really needs

What do you guys prefer and Why ?

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