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Alexander Olofsson
Alexander Olofsson

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Hi, I'm Alexander Olofsson

I have been coding for around 15 years.

You can find me on Twitter as @Ananace13 or GitHub as ace13.

I live in Boxholm, Sweden.

I work for Linköpings University.

You might've run into me if you were to FOSDEM or CfgMgmtCamp/Foreman Construction Day 2017.

I mostly program in these languages: Bash, C++, C#, Ruby, JavaScript (ES6+).

I am currently a full-time sysadmin, though with a focus on DevOps, so some development still happens.

I am bad at writing posts, so will unabashedly use any template provided to me, with only the most minimal changes.

Nice to meet you.

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Walker Harrison

Hey Alexander,

Thanks for the intro and welcome to Check out the Ruby tag for articles you might find relevant, and also consider contributing to it!