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Strategy in PHP [Design pattern with examples]

I have been coding (seriously) for almost 10 years now,
Like everyone, as soon as I started to make my first little projects work I thought I was already amazing.

What a natural talent!

Only a while later I realized that the career of a web developer is composite by several milestones.

From your first "Hello World" to learning a framework and getting your head around the MVC principles.

Reaching these milestones let you say: "Today I have improved my skills".

One of these milestones that defined a programmer as a better programmer than before was when he finally understand the concept of composition.

you see,
In Object-oriented Programming 101, you learn the advantages of inheritance.
but what they do not tell you is that this practice is not very scalable and there is a better way to write your code.

It is incredibly crucial to develop a project and be confident that you WON'T CRY when you need to update it a few months from now.

for this reason:
In this week's article, you are going to discover why Composition is so important and how to use it while implementing the Strategy design pattern.


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Work in progress?

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anastasionico Author

Just realized I've uploaded the with missing part, thanks for letting me be aware of it