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Each day we spend an obscene number of hours bathed in the glow of computers and the technologies that they enable. This fact is not up for debate, nor is it difficult to prove.

My peaceful sleep this morning was interrupted by the sounds generated by the tiny, freakishly powerful computer that spends most of its time in the right pocket of my jeans.

iphone photo

The computer that disturbed my sleep this morning.

The bed that I slept on, ordered on the internet.

The memory foam mattress is made of polyurethane foam. What's that have to do with computers you ask? Well... the production of polyurethane is only made possible by carefully controlled chemical processes. Those processes are kept at super precise operating conditions based on a continuous loop of measurements and adjustments enabled by controls software running on a programmable logic controller.


Another computer. Played a critical role in making my comfy mattress.

There are more obvious examples of where computers affect our day to day, but they aren't as fun or random. In fact, the mission of this blog is to shed light on the less obvious examples of where computers and technology impact our every day life. To examine what happens when you apply the logic of computer science and the power of programming to questions that don't usually get that treatment.

Hence, the title &computers. It's a nod to the under-explored frontiers that might prove even more interesting when looked at under a new light. Think blank & computers; where the blank can be anything and everything that you might be interested in.


My hope for the blog is twofold:

  1. touches on topics that "computer people" (whatever that means) don't usually talk about.
  2. brings people who don't normally find computers particularly interesting or accessible into the fold and get them excited about technology/programming, the magic it can create, the questions it can help us answer, and the people it can help us reach.

Thanks for reading and please post comments, discussion, feedback, article suggestions etc. in the forums. I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone. Seriously.

Onward & Upward,

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I just made ten racks on the internet, put my work up on the web, I ain't finished yet.

- tres digital

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