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100 days of code round 2 update

I've been absent from writing because I was planning to do some book reviews. Unfortunately my good laptop finally took, uh, I mean decided to not work. I'm still out on the road, so can't complete any android work, which means I will postpone my book reviews for now.

Instead, to keep coding, I'm doing some ruby on a chromebook I've installed linux on. Good enough for that :) when I go home in 8 days I'll hopefully get my laptop fixed and pick up where I left off.

I'm on my second round of #100DaysOfCode, day 28. Hard to believe I've been coding that long. My confidence has definitely grown. So much that I can look at quite a lot of code and be able to figure out what it's doing, and understanding the basics of most languages isn't hard. The differences seem to boil down to syntax, for the most part. So far I've learned the basics of JavaScript, Java, Kotlin, and Ruby. I didn't plan on hopping around as much as I have. I spent the most time learning Java, and took a break from it when I went home for a couple weeks and decided to do something fun which took me into Kotlin/android.

I am honestly pretty satisfied with where I am so far. I'm not near job hunting yet, but the longer I program, the more sure I am that a dev job is in the cards for me. Hopefully my next company (which I've interviewed for, but isn't a dev job, but has a software engineering department) will see my potential and my dream, and help make it happen. Either way I will keep coding.

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