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Quarantined, 154 Days Of Code

As you might know if you read my last post, I was laid off from my job. I've done all the filing for assistance that I can do while applying for new jobs. I took a "Career Readiness Certificate" test that some jobs around the united states require (I passed with a platinum rating - probably a little brag there) and have applied for some local jobs that required it.

The next thing on my long todo list was getting my portfolio site done. It is as complete as I can make it without adding a ton of fluff. Its built with Jekyll/Ruby/HTML/CSS and doesn't have a lot of flash, but it does have a blog which took some days to iron out an issue I had with using images as buttons. A friend on twitter helped out with it. Apparently you can't just link a document to an image with straight HTML of using Jekyll, you have to use their code. I'm thinking of doing a writeup/tutorial on the whole process if anyone is interested.

My next goal is to finish some projects. I have a half finished todo list done in JavaScript I may complete just to put something up, and an actual blog site app I'm building in Ruby on Rails for this course I've been doing. The rails project gets first priority since it's big and I really want to learn rails well.

Awhile back I was doing Free Code Camp's curriculum. I completed all the exercises for the Responsive Web Design Certification, so today I built one site and half of the portfolio site needed for that. I initially tried to use the site I already had built, but their code checks didn't work too well with Jekyll. I managed to get 6/12 checks to pass but couldn't get any more, and I'm not a cheater so I have to build all the projects or it's pointless.

All in all I'm feel like I'm making big progress. I'm really looking forward to finishing this 100 days and starting the next!

Shameless plug:
Oh, and if anyone is reading this and is hiring Jr Developers or is willing to bring someone on board to learn a stack let me know. I don't have a bunch of projects completed yet, but I have hella work ethic and I can learn fast. :)

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