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I just looked, and I haven't written anything here since July. That's crazy to me. A lot has happened since then. I finally moved out of the house that I'd rented when working in the oil field. After being laid off, $1200 a month just wasn't affordable anymore, especially in the tiny town I live in. I did manage to find something more affordable, but still a pretty high price range as there wasn't much available. I'd relocate somewhere, but first I need to find a job that pays a living wage(my wife has health issues and can't work, plus taking care of our 4 year old).

I was able to land another job after the oil field. I'm currently working at Baxter Healthcare, a company that makes various medical equipment. I'm not making near the money I was(we are still scraping by for now), and things are still a struggle especially with covid, but I'm proud to say I'm making some headway with programming.

Recently I started talking to one of my followers on twitter, Michael Maitoza, and for the last month he and I both started the Ruby content on Michael Hartl was kind enough to give us both scholarships, and we are going through it together.

Today I finished the Ruby course, and I must say it is one of the most rewarding things I've done to date (aside from actually finishing a course, but that's a story for another time). I worked really hard on it, and put in the time, and I feel I have a decent grasp of the language. I'm no expert, but I learned enough to be dangerous :D

Next on my list is completing the Ruby on Rails Tutorial. I'm shooting for maybe another month for that, but I'm going for better understanding vs just finishing, so if it takes longer I'm good with that. I'm probably going to rebuild my website as I did it in Jekyll and really didn't have a good understanding of Ruby at the time. After that, I have some ideas for some things to build, possibly a team project with Michael Maitoza, so we'll see how things go.

Glad to be back, thanks for reading!

PS. If you're like me and are struggling and would like a shot at getting a scholarship for Learn Enough, you can apply here:

If you get in let me know, I'd love to add a few people to my discord to talk Ruby with :)

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