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Andreas Sander
Andreas Sander

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Twitch Tech Streamers

I stopped watching TV nearly five years ago in favor of Youtube and Twitch content that I can choose myself.

In this note I want to share a list of tech streamers on Twitch that I regularly watch:


  • Jens Krüger is a german scientist and a university professor in real life. The streams are feeling like having a 1-to-1 session during your study time.
  • DialogikTV is a very funny, entertaining streamer doing a lot of Twitch related tech projects.


  • I follow Salma since a few weeks. Her streams are really cozy and welcoming.
  • Tim Beaudet is an Indie gamedeveloper working on his own racing games. And he also does a lot of pair programming with
  • Codico is a younger developer, lately streaming about setting up Vim and working on his speed typing tool SpeedTyper.
  • Stefan Judis is a german based developer that occasionally streams on Twitch. He has a pretty famous newsletter you should subscribe to as well!
  • Kitze is the founder of sizzy and React Academy. I really like his unique humor. Lately he seems to be less streaming, but if you see him live, stop by and have a chat with him.
  • James Werner is a senior software developer with various streaming topics, also playing video games from time to time.
  • If you want to see a VIM power user, watch The Primeagen! He is so much talented in making up a funny, entertaining show while developing heavy complex code. For me he is a real master of Twitch dev entertainment.
  • Cassidoo is a keyboard fanatic, female streamer, working for Netlify. She does a lot of AMA and Just chatting streams, speaking about tech careers, news and of course... keyboards! She motivated me to buy a new mechanical keyboard, I'm currently writing this text with.
  • ClarkIO is a super nice and funny developer. He is pretty famous for his alliance with the VSCode editor and his content around working with the editor. His streams are famous for Clark's nice vocals. :)
  • BaldBeardedBuilder aka. Michael Jolley is a "real" bald, bearded builder. He is a funny guy, mostly doing JS/Node related projects. Sometimes he seems to light aroma candles. :)
  • Jason Lengstorf is for me THE most professional tech streamer out there with an amazing schedule. He is normally always do streams where Jason invites partners that bring in their own topic. If you want to learn something new every week, you should learn together with Jason in his streams!


Do you have any suggestions to this list? Let me know! I'm always interested in
new tech streamers to watch and I really like to see so many technical streams

Start streaming!

I reported lately that I started
streaming end of 2020 and in case you're asking yourself whether to stream
yourself: Do it if you want to do it!

See you on Twitch!




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