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Andrea Canton
Andrea Canton

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Please use huge font on your editor

I've been a developer for over a decade. I've to confess: my desk isn't tidy. But the virtual enviroment is near-perfect and I want to improove it everyday.

Thats some of my routines to keep my virtual workspace clean:

  • remove git merged branches
  • remove useless commented code, because there is GIT to remember old code.
  • refactor long files in shorter one.
  • remove useless thing from my editor (like sidebar, toolbar) for encourage me to use keyboard shortcut (like CTRL + P)
  • editor with a dark theme and a 16px font with a 30px line height (not that big, I've seen bigger line height, eg. Jeffrey Way in laracasts)

On this last particular topic some of my colleagues use to make fun of me by saying that my editor seem for visually impared people. Some of them use font 10px or 9px or even lower!

But I think this setting have two advantages:

  • It's better for my eyes
  • It discourage me to build huge unmanintainable files

Tell me what you think about it or tell me your routine!

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Holy-Elie Scaïde

It's the same for me. Some people at the office use really small fonts. I bump up the size until I can see it comfortably when I lay back on my chair (almost 1 meter from the screen).

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Andrea Canton

Thank you for sharing!

Anyhow I want to say who mocked me was in a "friendly" context, no one was harmed morally. Sorry, but I'm italian and maybe I've used a wrong way to explain me!