React is awesome!

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Just wanna say that creating stuff with React is so much fun!
Hooks being an awesome addition!

Currently the following libraries/packages/language-supersets is making it even more fun!


Like 1-2 years ago, using TypeScript - especially with React (where more developers where using Flow), was like more trouble then what it was worth... Nowadays though, it makes a awesome developer experience and mst popular packages has typings available! Good job Microsoft!



Since the day Mobx was released it's been my goto state handler. The main benefit for me is that it makes the code very readable and easy to understand.

Nowadays, since hooks was released, the mobx-react-lite library is a great addition!


Styled Components

I just love creating my styled components instead of using style-objects. Makes the render functions really nice and readable!



Forms in React has been troublesome... But no more!


Prettier / eslint

I'm using prettier to format the code on save! Never do I need to think about how to format nor indent my code. Eslint is a great addition to warn me about other "bad code". Make sure they don't conflict with eachother with eslint-config-prettier



If I where about to test my React code, I would be doing it with react-test-library 😂



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And also there is react-hooks-testing-library (built on react-test-library) if you need to test hooks 🙂


Cool, will check that out! Thanks


You should check out @swyx 's React cheat sheet.

Also in case you weren't aware, Formik has an alpha hooks release.

Looks like there's an alpha release for Formik with hooks now. 🎉