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Web site checklist - for developers

There is a rich landscape of tools, frameworks and CMSes that greatly increase your productivity when building a web site. So when a path is selected, a design is implemented - there are just a few more things to consider to finalize your great accomplishment.

☑️ images should be minimized and delivered in best possible format (webp)
☑️ images should be resized to match actual size and be lazy loaded
☑️ make sure site is cached in best way
☑️ server should serve http/2 (or http/3)
☑️ add http caching so that files are cached in the browser
☑️ sitemap should exist - and added to Google Search console
☑️ robot should be able to crawl site
☑️ meta description should exist on pages
☑️ links and buttons should be clickable without mouse
☑️ buttons with no text should have aria-label
☑️ header-tags should be in order
☑️ symantic html with main, nav, section and so on
☑️ images have describing alt texts
☑️ user should be able to tab through all interactive elements
☑️ input fields should have labels
☑️ make sure cache (including JavaScript and CSS files) is invalidated on deploy or content update
☑️ if there is an existing site that are being updated, add redirects from old URLs to new
☑️ analytics should be implemented
☑️ no cookies should be saved before user consent
☑️ sharing in social media should include editable title, description and image
☑️ browsers used by the majority or your users should be supported and tested
☑️ created 404 page
☑️ add a descriptive readme file - another developer should easily be able to get the project up and running with the information
☑️ branching workflow in git should be documented in readme file
☑️ any environment specific settings should exist in a .env file (an .env.example file should be added to git)
☑️ use addons/plugins/extensions that debug memory and database usage locally
☑️ add error reporting for frontend and backend in production
☑️ document any password or key in a password manager
☑️ linting of the code should be configured and forced by other developers (though git workflows or deployment)

Cool, now we are done!

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