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What are some must watch courses in Frontend Masters?

andres profile image Andrés Pérez ・1 min read

Today I was browsing the internet as usual and discovered that Frontend Masters is now part of the GitHub Student Developer Pack. You can access all courses and workshops for 6 months.

I redeemed the benefit and started watching Testing React Applications, v2, but I wanted to ask here, are there any courses/workshops you consider to be a must watch in the site?

Thanks in advance.

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Marc Grabanski 🏙💻

Hey! Marc here from Frontend Masters. 😀

A few good places to start is our learning paths since we carefully curate courses into topic groups, as well as head over to the popular courses to check out what's currently being watched a lot by members.

Also FYI I dropped an article yesterday right here on DEV covering what you should learn as a front-end developer the rest of 2019!