Just moved our online IDE from Cloud9 to VSCode what extensions should we use?

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After giving Cloud9 a serious try for several months and with the release of code-server (VSCode running in a docker) it was time to switch IDEs.

The biggest seller was Git Graph and AWS Toolkit.

Are there any other suggestions?

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Great, welcome the Visual Studio Code, id say. I guess eventually youll get used to here.

Here is my recommendations;

Really handy when you just want to select all and format the code.

VSCode Icons
Must have, makes it easy to navigate to files in the file explorer. We are better and images than text. Human Kind duh!!

ES6 Code Snippets
I usually do my custom snippets, but here is good library to start with.

Do let me know if there is anything i can help you with.



Settings Sync should be the first one to install.

Also, the Liveshare extension pack and the git extension pack are good follow up extensions.

For Liveshare, @lostintangent is a fantastic resource. He works on the Liveshare team and is always looking for feedback from developers on how to improve the product.


GitLens is really nice. I also like the Docker extension.

What languages/frameworks are you using. That would help.


You should also check gitpod.io, in case you are still interested in a cloud / web-based solution. We've just added support for vs code extensions as well


Live server is great, bracket pair colorizer, git history, git lense, code snippets, the list goes on and on.... I love VSCode!

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