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Who/what should I follow on Instagram for web-dev?

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I am great at LinkedIn but when it comes to Instagram I'm an Insta-loser.
I just don't know how to discover the content because the platform is so unnatural for me to use.

  • Do you have any suggestions of who I should follow?
  • Maybe I should follow you?
  • Do you want to follow me?

This is my Instagram:


Don't be shy, share your Instagram as well!

Did you know DEV.to has an Instagram?


Also if you know of any really cool web-dev posts why don't you embed some in the comments below:

All you need is the Instagram post id from the URL.

{% instagram BXgGcAUjM39 %}

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Instagram is all about pictures and imagery (and giving your data to Facebook). So if you are an Instagram user, I’d recommend to follow designers, artists, people making user interfaces that are sharing their works, game development studios…

This will progressively gives you creative idea and a better sense of the good and bad of design choices.

If you’re looking for places where you can follow people into development and tech, there are a lot: dev.to, Twitter, GitHub, some Slack communities, Reddit, blogs RSS, Codepen… But Instagram: no.


Yeah I agree with that in many ways.

There are good accounts on Instagram but they are few and not much.

Often accounts get big with some setups that must look fancy on a picture or a new trend is that people make selfies 🀳 with a laptop that never shows any code.

I stopped following that type of accounts. I also called them out some time ago and I got a lot of feedback that finally some one is saying this.

And before you call me sexiest because of the woman selfie example. The most comment messages I got from other woman that they think the same but they are scared to say it on Instagram.

There are fantastic people on ig but also a lot of people who just want to show off and don't add any value.


Agreed on that as well. I missed the time when everyone started using IG as a blog platform posting useless pictures and a lot of text. This platform just didn't build for it.
Personally, I use Instagram a little, but I follow only designers and photographers to get inspiration and learn from them.


I enjoy following coding_unicorn. Her style of picking a likable selfie as a cover image and writing great tech tips is quite clever. Of course, that attracts a lot of sexist trash to comments so be warned. Here's a post about clean code for example.


It is funny I'm still blocked by her 🀣🀣

I was calling out once accounts on Instagram that only show off them selfies and there setup without adding value. Since then I'm blocked πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ


Seeing her latest posts I'm bashing my big DISAGREE button on "not adding value" statement. To each their own, it is.

I never said that she does not bring value I just stated what happened πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Her last post is about fonts πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” and not even showing them in the picture πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

But yeah what ever to me it is just funny πŸ€£πŸ˜‚


I cover all tech events on Instagram stories in Toronto. And also document a lot about Toronto. My Id is


I enjoy @realtoughcandy . Great advice for one an all! Shout out to her page and her comm channels.


I didn't know dev.to has Instagram.

Mine is Instagram.com/zunaid.aslam

I used to share my designs but now planning to share content for developers. I don't follow any particular channel for dev. I tend to just like random coding memes.


I always wanted to make memes. Even if they're not that funny, they're funny to me.


There's doesn't ever seem to be any tech + dad lifestyle Instagrammers.


also checkout @wesbos , but not much tech on his IG


Mine is @codefiend, i share tech stuff that i find interesting. I need to be more active and maybe i will now thanks to your post.


I ignored Twitter for years. I barely even knew what it was. It sounded like a stupid time-waster.

Then I discovered that just about anyone whose thoughts about software development interest me is on Twitter. If I want to know what people are saying, that's where it's at. Now I'm hooked.


Shameless self plug:


I'm posting about web development specific stuff. It ranges from Javascript to beginner help to daily problems as a web developer!


Simon Grimm, creator of the Ionic academy, is super active on Instagram since begin of the year. Worth to follow:



@pscully_ i share digital marketing and wordpress stuff. Followed you!


You can follow me @techblurbs. I post programming concepts in simplistic blurbs of few lines.


@developers .js
Follow us on Instagram, we post JavaScript code snippets, tips, tricks and a lot more.


I'm on instagram as a tech account but am not sure what to do with it ...it needs a bit more personality


Nothing. Run your own race, buddy.