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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦
Andrew Brown 🇨🇦

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The Fast Track to AWS Security - Feb 26 2019

This was a talk I had put together for AWS Toronto User Group. I was studying for AWS Security Certification and I'm embarrassed to say its the first time I failed an exam where I had a score of 74% (1% away from passing).

The AWS Security Certification was not hard but the study material out there was out of date and ExamPro probably now has the most up to date study material and I could certainly pass now.

The big trip up to the AWS Security Certification is cross-service integrations eg.

  • can you trigger an Athena query with the AWS SDK via lambda function?
  • can you send CloudTrail events to CloudWatch logs?
  • Does VPC flow logs store hostnames or only IP addresses

I hope you enjoy the video above and find it useful. In the future I will take time to transcribe videos I upload here but since is my first video I'm uploading to I was eager to post a video.

If you are looking to take the AWS Security Certification I've written about 160 practice exam questions and 100 flashcards on ExamPro.

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