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Integrating Astro, Netlify and Mantine

Warning, don't bother using this stack as of Dec 21, 2022.

In the spirit of cultivating more empathy in my life, I'm recreating my sister's virtual kitchen website using Astro for blazingly fast response times, Mantine UI for out-of-the-box components and Netlify for ease of distribution.

The steps from nothing to all components viewable in production should've been simple:

  1. Create a new Astro project using Netlify's template wizard
  2. Pull that repo down from Github and npm install
  3. Follow instructions to install React on Astro's website and Mantine from their documentation

What started as a terrible first experience using Astro with a component library like Mantine, turned into a wild goose chase if they're compatible.

After stumbling upon this Stackoverflow issue and this Github Issue, it's concluded that Astro does not support CSS-in-Javascript for their component styling. BOO!

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