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Handling change as a Developer Advocate

Back in March, I had the honour and pleasure to give the closing keynote at DevRelCon Tokyo 2019.

I've been in developer relations - specifically in the role of a Developer Advocate - for around 10 years now, and it was a good opportunity to reflect over how my life and career has changed, as well as capturing what I hope are some lessons and thoughts that have a more general application to all of us - whether in DevRel, or in developer and software engineering roles.

This was the elevator pitch:

From APIs, technologies, and tools, to team and roles: change is constant in our careers, and in life. Let's talk about some of the changes you're likely to have to adapt to as you progress in the Developer Relations profession, and understand how they can contribute to burnout.

Uncertain about the differences between DevRel, Dev Advocacy, and other terms you may have heard? Check out Mary Thengvall's recent post and the discussion it sparked! This is one of the reasons why I love the DEV community!

Finally: if you're interested in this space, Twitter is currently hiring for a Developer Advocate in Tokyo. I'd be happy to chat. I'm @andypiper on Twitter.

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