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How the web works- The big picture

If you are/going to be a web developer ,then you must be aware of how web works or someone who is wondering what happens behind the scenes when you hit the search icon in your browser then I you would say you have landed at the right place.

Here is the simplistic approach on how web works

let's see how browser communicates with server and get you what you wnat.

Browser :Hey! I want you know where it is?


Name Server :Oh yeah,let me check.Here is the ip address of server where the website you are searching is hosted.

Browser then goes to host server.

Browser : hey, I know you have this website. Can you give it to me.

Host server :Yeah, you can have this webpage.

1.Your browser is the client which requests the domain. This request goes to your ISP via modem.

2.The ISP sends this request to Domain Name Sytem(DNS) to fetch the IP address of server.

3.The DNS sends the requested IP address to the web browser.

4.This signal is then transmitted to the hosted server according to ip.

5.The host server then execute the web page in your browser.

Need of DNS
The domain name system maps the url names to their respective IP address, which allows web browsers to access sites by using a name, rather than the site's IP address, which is more difficult to remember for humans.

This entire process happen in just under a second and accounts for 1 out of billion of internet requests that happens each day.

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