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Ridiculously Simple Ways To Improve and Protect Your Passwords

When it comes to protecting your online way, certainly passwords are the first layer.

The accounts could be anything where you store all the sensitive data.

Could be,

  1. Online Bank Accounts Access
  2. Social Accounts (Where are personal information have been stored)
  3. Or some could Storages as well, probably a password protecting Google Spreadsheets as well.

What not, it could be anything an everything. All the accounts which we create online are precious in some or other way.

How difficult is to manage passwords

I know it could be real head-scratching when you have to remember all your passwords. It could get even tedious when you have a lot of accounts around the internet.

And moreover, we cannot keep the same password to all the accounts. All the eggs in the same basket don't make sense to keep data safe and secure.

Is there no way out :D

You think so. NOPE. There is always a workaround for each an everything. You need to act smart.

Before that, let me ask a question are you really using safe passwords?

When I say safe passwords, it doesn't mean your name, birthday, pan card, vehicle name etc. Those are easier to remember but can be easily guessed right who knows you. Even an unknown person can know about you doing some research.

How to Create strong passwords.

Research shows that more than 58% of people over the internet are not at all using strong passwords at all.

Not using safe passwords

There are plenty of tools online, which does the job quite efficiently and generates really strong passwords to guess.

Few of them are,

  1. Last Pass Generator
  2. Avast Random Password Generator

Here is the generated password by the Last Pass
Last Pass Generator

Another one by Avast Password Generator

Avast Password Generator

So, you have seen there the generated passwords, how difficult it is someone to guess at all. You can customize and make the password even lengthy for better protection.

I use this for all my accounts. Even I use this for WordPress sites to make it more secure. After all, WordPress Security matters a lot for any web owner, as it is open-source software.

Well, you must be wondering these passwords are even harder to remember for yourself as well. Use Password Managers.

Use Password Managers

I agree it could be difficult. This is where services like the Last Pass comes into existence. It will remember all of your passwords which you use over the internet. It just works as your personal assistant.

You just need to install their extensions, available for at most all the browsers.

Use 2 Factor Authentication

It's quite often people create a strong password, yet forgets to add two-factor authentication. It simple.

In fact, all the services provide their customer a two-factor authentication. You might have already noticed that in Gmail, hosting companies and whatnot.

It's available for everything. Even you can try this two-factor authentication for WordPress And why not it adds an extra layer of protection.


Basically 2 Factor authentication means, probably connecting your accounts with your portable devices like Mobile.

That means even if someone guesses your password, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone asking for your authentication. It makes your life even better, isn't it?

Don't Click on Any Links

You might be getting a lot of phishing emails and messages. Remember all the links are not worth clicking. Be very cautious over there.

I too, receiving a lot of emails, which tends to be sent through bank letting me know this action to be taken to reset your passwords or bla bla bla. Don't Click, on those.

Investigate and notice if the link is exactly the same.

Use updated Software and Apps

Last but not least, always use the updated software for better online protection. Whenever you receive a notification saying the software or app is updated. Do it.

It will do all good for you, from the safety point of view. All the bugs get fixed and the developers often fixes are security bugs to avoid any injections.

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