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10 Days as a Software Developer

A few days back I was at DeccanRubyConf 2019, Pune, India.
There I gave a flash talk. Due to lack of time I had to squish my content down. (I had only 2.5 mins to deliver, but yeah lightning talks are fun.)

As per me, I think the talk was well received and people enjoyed listening to what I had to talk about. There were a lot of parts which were missed. This post would be an unadulterated version of the content that I wanted to share with the audience.

P.S: The below document would be in the first person, while reading, please imagine, you are listening to me delivering the talk.

Hello people, My name is Anubhav. I go by @iso_anu on twitter and today I am going to share with you my 10 days as a Software Developer. Yeah, the majority of people here are professional developers, but for me, it was not the case. Prior to this, I was working at an MNC, where I did everything but software development.

About me, I hail from Saharanpur, a small city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. If you want to know what it is famous for, you can watch a few news channels and you would come to know.

I like to travel and explore new places, yet I have not traveled much recently. But there is a catch, I was there at RubyKaigi 2019.

Yeah apparently!!. πŸ˜‰

Actually, I logged an issue on the jRuby's GitHub repository, which was displayed at RubyKaigi 2019, embedded inside Charles Nutter's presentation. So yeah, it's worth a small celebration. πŸŽ‰ 🎊 πŸŽ‰

My face at RubyKaigi 2019

My face at RubyKaigi 2019

I also like recording and editing videos. The latest is a timelapse I captured during RubyConfIndia 2019, Goa.

RubyConfIndia 2019 Registrations Timelapse

Also, I have recently become a Guns N' Roses fanboy, so anyone out here has similar interests, we have a topic to discuss. πŸ™Œ

Good News ! !

Now I am Professionally a Software developer. looking forward to a great journey ahead with Ratnadeep and Betacraft Technologies. 🍻🍻

It's been 10 days, the experience has been very fulfilling so far.

Thanks to Ratnadeep for providing me the opportunity to contribute to one of his past projects WhyLoveRuby

GitHub logo betacraft / whyloveruby

Collection of reasons to love Ruby.

Checkout the site at -

It's an attempt to collect ideas and love for ruby. I hope this would give some real good insights to ruby, as well as some people will get very good pointers to defend ruby while fighting others supporting other languages.

If you have some idea, suggestion or anything, do post it or submit a pull request. Create an issue and discuss features before pull requests :-)

Do checkout few awesome current reasons on this site, as well as do post your own reasons !

Cheers !!

I contributed by reviving this age-old ( the last commit was done in 2012 when I started to work on this project ) Rails application to breathe all those zeros and ones after long ~7 years and yes, learning a lot in the process.

Here, goes the account of the first 10 days of my Software Dev life.

A little background, all these years, it was running on Rails 3.2 and finally, it got upgraded to v5.2.3. πŸ“£ πŸ“£

  • The twitter API used for login had changed over time, so the controller and the models needed modifications accordingly.

  • All of the production data needed to be updated as per the current user information, for example, the current profile picture and Twitter login data.

  • UI needed a few fixes, which were basically some alignment issues. To pull it off I learned about CSS flex-box and applied the learnings.

It sounds boring, now some fun stuff!! πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜ƒ

I did all this in these 10 days.

Writing interesting git commit messages 😜

Interesting git commit messages
I feel this commit message was an interesting one

Messed upto Github history, I did that 🀦

Minor fixes #13

rtdp avatar
rtdp posted on
  • [x] Change website title to WhyLoveRuby. Need better font.
  • [x] Make top letter to have full space, so the image shouldn't get hidden
  • [x] Add tweet link. It should open twitter box to tweet with details page link present in there.
  • [x] Twitter handles should be linked. Open them in a new tab when clicked.
  • [x] Below twitter handle, need to show timestamp when it was posted. Keep it in the same format as timestamps in side panel. This timestamp should be a link taking the user to the details page.
  • [x] UpVote button and number above it should be better aligned. Currently, the button is little too left.
  • [x] Fix the popup on submit button
  • [x] Fix color of username after logging in
  • [x] Change website metatags
  • [x] Fix alignment in recents section
  • [x] Truncate username in recent section
Click to have a look on this mess

When things don't work, but you have to deliver, you do this 😬

JUGAAD(Hacky) coding

One of the few hacks to achieve the output you want

Also, worth noting is,

  • The time when git rebase won't do the things which you expect it to do.

  • Committing and pushing while on the wayπŸš— to the conference.

  • And yes working with a πŸ”Ÿ - day deadline in the first work week itself.

  • And finally, sleeping only 2.5 hours the last night. πŸ•’ 😴

Thank you, everyone !!

Ending Note

Everything here was about loving Ruby so, here is my reason to love it.

"I can think and write what I think, and surprisingly that works all the time (Ok, most of the time)."

I love Ruby, and my family knows it. They often troll me. I hope you might also want to see how!

My love Ruby

My family leaves no card un-turned to troll me πŸ˜†

I request the readers to post the reason why they love Ruby language on
Why Love Ruby.

It is an open-source project. I loved all that I learned and did while bringing back the project back to life. Feel free to report issues if you face some, or what some features to be added. For ones who are looking for some open-source contribution, this is a great place to start with. Feel free to open PR on the existing issues too.


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