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LeetCode Problems 11-20

Howdy happy people 👋! In the previous post, we looked at the first ten problems from LeetCode.

In this post, we will continue to make ourselves better by looking at the next ten problems.

[11] Container With Most Water
[12] Integer To Roman
[13] Roman To Integer
[14] Longest Common Prefix
[15] 3 Sum
[16] 3 Sum Closest
[17] Letter Combinations Of A Phone Number
[18] 4 Sum
[19] Remove Nth Node From End Of List
[20] Valid Parentheses

I hope you will find them useful. I have implemented the solutions to these problems in four programming languages - Java, Python, JavaScript and Kotlin.

You can find the complete source code on my GitHub repository. If you like what you learn, feel free to fork 🔪 and star ⭐ it.

Keep practicing... keep coding... stay safe and Namaste 🙏.

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