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Flappy Bird in React Native (video)

In this weeks video we build Flappy Bird, set up with expo ( docs: !

Super excited about this video! It is a video for beginners to react-native. Therefore a fundamental understanding of JavaScript and React is advised as a prerequisite. :)

Video Content:
⌨️ (00:00) Introduction
⌨️ (01:07) Flappy Bird game logic
⌨️ (02:44) Setting up our environment
⌨️ (06:10) Creating our App
⌨️ (07:05) Creating our Bird Component
⌨️ (15:02) Making our Bird fall
⌨️ (19:53) Creating our first Obstacles
⌨️ (23:12) Looping our first Obstacles
⌨️ (35:33) Creating our second Obstacles
⌨️ (39:54) Adding random heights to the Obstacles
⌨️ (44:15) Checking for collisions
⌨️ (49:01) Making a game over
⌨️ (51:29) Making our game touch-screen
⌨️ (53:02) Adding the score

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