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πŸ”₯ Create Web App πŸ’ͺ

πŸš€ Create Web App

About 🌟

This package is a simple node cli tool based on yeoman generator which when run will simply ask you some simple question and then will generate a simple starter project to kickstart your development

This is currently having a starter project based on

  1. MERN stack: MongoDB + ExpressJS + ReactJS + NodeJS
  2. MERNG stack : MongoDB + ExpressJS + ReactJS + NodeJS + GraphQL
  3. TMEN 😜 (Sorry for this wierd word) stack : Typescript + MongoDB + ExpressJS + NodeJS

And Many More Coming Soon ...

This project is focused on helping developers increasing their starting speed. These Boilerplates are lightweight and proven ones.

More boilerplates are required for this project with different stacks.

Do Contribute to these boilerplates and new ones.

Currently πŸ“‹

This project is at a very early stage and requires lots of testing, feedback, suggestion, refactors, Features, and improvement. Feel free to Raise an issue and PR

The Magic Commands ⚑️


$ npm i -g @buildtip/create-web-app


$ cwa

Some Helpful Info πŸ“’

We got 43 downloads of npm of DAY 1

NPM Link

Github Link

We will be in the under-development state till we releasing our 1st major release.

All Kind of Contributions are welcome. πŸ˜ƒ

  • PRs are welcome
  • Raise some awesome Issue
  • Any Kind of Suggestions are welcome
  • Come Discuss with us @ our github 's issue panel

Do Support us. Please ⭐️ our repo

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